Khing is a Mobile Performance Solution Platform founded in 2013. We help advertisers in their mobile user acquisition strategy, whether they need a boost in app store visibility or sustainable user acquisition (display, video, social media). Thanks to our in-house tracking technology we run and optimise campaigns based on a set of KPIs (CPI, CPL, CPA) to successfully meet our client’s goals.

With offices in London, Paris & Italy, Spain, etc. we deliver traffic worldwide on Mobile Web, Android and IOS applications. We are ready to help you with your mobile acquisition strategy from A to Z and boost your ROI.

Contact us today to boost your user acquisition with high quality users.


Invite only platform

Your campaign will not be open to all publishers. Only a selected few who are perfectly partner matched with your campaign. We spend a lot of time speaking with our publishers to ensure you receive the highest quality traffic for your payouts.

Friendly and creative team

We are always just a phone call away and pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to make your bespoke campaigns really standing out in the market. We will be happy to look at your internal plans and to try to assist your promotional events and so on!

Take advantage of our global traffic

We can offer your campaign a global reach. We have traffic sources from all over the world ready to promote your campaigns

Great technology and tracking in real time

Plus a tech team that can simplify anything techy! We have our own platform and also work with a number of third party tracking companies such as Adx, Hasofffers, AppsFlyer, Kochava,…

Industry Expertise

Our team is proud to be part of this industry and have been growing and developing for a collective 15 years of hands on experience. Our team has been carefully selected to ensure we have the best knowledge and understanding across Web and Mobile to guide you to your goals.

We are always on the look-out for new and improved ways to work in this ever-changing industry. Most of all we are passionate about what we do and we would love to work with you.